Samoa Airways cancels eight frequencies while finalising equipment changes

31 March, 2019

Samoa Airways cancelled (30-Mar-2019) eight frequencies whilst finalising equipment changes for services between Apia, Auckland, Sydney and Brisbane beyond 31-Mar-2019. Finalisation of the replacement aircraft is expected towards the end of the first week of Apr-2019 once arrangements to lease a Boeing 737-800 are completed. Consequently, the following services have been cancelled:

  • Apia-Auckland: 02-Apr-2019;
  • Auckland-Apia: 02-Apr-2019;
  • Apia-Brisbane: 03-Apr-2019;
  • Brisbane-Apia: 03-Apr-2019;
  • Apia-Auckland: 04-Apr-2019;
  • Auckland-Apia: 04-Apr-2019;
  • Apia-Sydney: 04-Apr-2019;
  • Sydney-Apia: 04-Apr-2019. [more - original PR]