Siemens: Electric power a transformative technology for the aviation industry

27 March, 2018

Siemens reported (27-Mar-2018) it views electric propulsion as one of the transformative technologies which will help the aviation industry in meeting its goals of reduced fuel use, lower greenhouse gas emissions and reducing noise. Siemens has developed prototype electric propulsion technology for manned and unmanned aircraft in the commercial aviation, general aviation, defense and urban mobility sectors. The 'eAircraft' technologies, including hybrid and fully electric concepts, are being tested and verified at the Texas State Technical College Airfield. The facility will become one of Siemens test sites, home to the 'eFusion' aircraft, as a flying testbed featuring the Siemens 55kW electric propulsion unit. The Texas facility will be key in data collection on new electric propulsion systems, enabling safety standards and certification efforts for the ground breaking systems for the aerospace market. [more - original PR]