Solomon Islands sets 9% tourism growth target for 2018

31 January, 2018

Solomon Islands Prime Minister Rick Hounipwela announced (31-Jan-2018) the country has set a target of increasing visitor arrivals by 9% in 2018. Mr Hounipwela said that to achieve this, the Solomon Islands Visitors Bureau "will need the cooperation and support of the tourism industry to realise its goals and objectives, to build the momentum with strategic and clinical approaches to its activities". Given strong arrivals growth in 2017, Mr Hounipwela added that he has "no doubts that 2018 will be the year to push new boundaries and to challenge the status quo so that visitor arrivals can grow in leaps and bounds to drive new investments to our humble destination." The Prime Minister also pledged his government would continue to develop the tourism sector through the development and introduction of national tourism legislation. This includes plans to implement a range of activities under the Tourism Division Capacity Development program to ensure consistency in tourism standards and quality management as well as enabling increased visitor satisfaction levels and improving industry competitiveness. [more - original PR]