T21 outlines efforts to grow Tasmanian air access under tourism strategy

2 July, 2018

T21, a partnership between the Tasmanian State Government and the Tasmanian tourism industry represented by the Tourism Industry Council Tasmania, reported (02-Jul-2018) it is carrying out the following actions to develop air access to the state:

  • Government actions: 
    • Invest in commercial partnerships and cooperative marketing programmes with domestic and international air carriers to grow capacity and demand;
    • Pursue direct international air services to Hobart;
    • Grow air freight capacity for time sensitive premium Tasmanian products and support investment in additional air services to Tasmania;
  • Tourism industry actions:
    • Advocate within the Tasmanian community to promote the critical role access plays in the economic and social wellbeing of the state;
    • Support initiatives to provide greater access capacity to Tasmania through infrastructure investment, marketing and partnership activities with carriers;
  • Collective actions:
    • Create a whole of government and industry approach to aviation and access development as a state-wide economic development priority;
    • Develop a cross-agency and industry Access Working Group to oversight implementation of 'Access 2020' policy;
    • Develop in-state transport solutions and infrastructure for a growing visitor economy and enhance the visitor experience.

The T21 strategy is to grow annual visitor numbers to Tasmania to 1.5 million by 2020, and generate visitor expenditure of around AUD2.5 billion (USD1.85 billion) p/a, with greater capital investment and more jobs. [more - original PR]