The White House condemns China for 'Orwellian nonsense' over designation of Taiwan, HK, Macau

6 May, 2018

The White House stated (05-May-2018) US President Donald Trump will "stand up for Americans resisting efforts by the Chinese Communist Party to impose Chinese political correctness on American companies and citizens". The comments were made after the CAAC sent a letter to 36 international airlines, including a number of US carriers, on 25-Apr-2018 demanding the carriers change how "Taiwan", "Hong Kong" and "Macao" are identified on their websites and promotional material to fall in line with Party standards. The White House described the situation as "Orwellian nonsense", adding that it "strong objects to China's attempts to compel private firms to use specific language of political nature in their publicly available content". President Trump, via his official Twitter account, also tweeted (05-May-2018): "Our high level delegation is on the way back from China where they had long meetings with Chinese leaders and business representatives. We will be meeting tomorrow to determine the results, but it is hard for China in that they have become very spoiled with U.S. trade wins!". [more - original PR]