Tigerair Australia pilots vote to conduct industrial action from 21-Dec-2018

16 December, 2018

Australian Federation of Air Pilots (AFAP) reported (14-Dec-2018) 90% of AFAP Tigerair Australia pilots voted in favour of protected industrial action on 21-Dec-2018, representing 75% of Tigerair Australia pilots (Sydney Morning Herald, 13-Dec-2018). AFAP industrial officer James Lauchland said EBA negotiations over acknowledgement of salary increases failed, with unions notifying Tigerair pilots will refuse to operate aircraft with minor, non safety related defects, refuse to start work within 90 minutes of being called in from stand by and conduct in air go slows by not exceeding certain speeds or taking route short cuts. Mr Lauchland said industrial action would not take place on 25-Dec-2018 or 26-Dec-2018. [more - original PR]