Tourism New Zealand takes action to mitigate global slowdown in visitor arrivals

3 October, 2019

Tourism New Zealand reported (03-Oct-2019) the global slowdown in visitor arrival growth has impacted on New Zealand's visitor numbers. To counter the slowdown, Tourism New Zealand is taking an active leadership role by investing in some of its core markets. Details include:

  • Increased investment in New Zealand's largest visitor markets: Australia, US and China;
    • These key markets have demonstrated solid and increased connectivity as well as sufficient value and volume that help to mitigate the impact of decline;
  • Tourism New Zealand's new global campaign, 100% Pure New Zealand Welcome, will be crucial in positioning New Zealand as a desirable destination and helping to make New Zealand distinctive to consumers;
    • The campaign is now live across most of 15 key markets, with early results showing the advertisements are engaging and motivating potential visitors to visit New Zealand;
  • Tourism New Zealand's globally recognisable campaign work will be made available for industry to leverage via their own marketing work. [more - original PR]