TTF welcomes visitor economy, training and tourism infrastructure spending in NSW budget

20 June, 2018

Tourism & Transport Forum Australia (TTF) expressed (20-Jun-2018) support for investment in transformative infrastructure projects in by the New South Wales State Government under its FY2018-19 budget. TTF CEO Margy Osmond commend the state government for its "broader and ongoing commitment to the Visitor Economy Industry Action Plan and for funding a number of innovative reforms to address some of the key challenges facing the sector". Key investments include:

  • AUD290 million (USD213.7 million) commitment for the NSW visitor economy;
  • AUD630 million (USD464 million) commitment to grow tourism and recreational opportunities by improving national parks, walking trails and public parklands. This is in addition to the AUD300 million (USD221 million) Regional Growth: Environment and Tourism Fund, with AUD142 million (USD104.6 million) already committed to specific regional environment and tourism infrastructure projects;
  • AUD285 million (USD210 million) commitment to waive TAFE fees for 100,000 apprentices. TTF stated this will help with the tourism and hospitality sector skills shortage. Ms Osmond added that the skills shortage is the "number one issue currently facing the industry and the Government must be commended on acknowledging that unless more people are brought into the workforce it will very soon reach a crisis point". [more - original PR]