Uber: Flying cars are 'finally here', aiming for full services by 2023

6 March, 2019

Uber head of design, aviation programmes John Badalamenti stated "flying cars are finally here" and outlined the company's plans to develop an on-demand flying vehicles partnership with architectural firm Corgan (Passenger Terminal Today, 05-Mar-2019). Details of the company's aerial ridesharing service include:

  • Uber is targeting eVTOL (electric Vertical Take Off and Landing) flight demonstrations beginning in 2020, with vehicles to be fully flight certified by 2023. Dallas and Los Angeles selected for initial certified aircraft operating services;
  • Service aims to ground reduce congestion, with Corgan developing 'Skyports' based in less congested areas of a city;
  • Skyports are planned to be based on roof decks of car park facilities, with a scalable infrastructure to support eVTOL vehicles, capable of handling around 1000 vehicles in a space covering less than two acres;
  • Uber expects passengers to pass through check in, a strict security screening and queuing areas in less than five minutes;
  • Pre and post trips transport would start and end with ridesharing and traditional mass transit ground services, including Uber, as well as eBike, eScooter and public transport.