United Airlines outlines 15 services from Chicago O'Hare to operate with CRJ550 equipment

10 October, 2019

United Airlines announced (10-Oct-2019) plans to operate 50 seat Bombardier CRJ550 equipment on the following services:

  • Chicago O'Hare-Allentown;
  • Chicago O'Hare-Fayetteville;
  • Chicago O'Hare-Cedar Rapids;
  • Chicago O'Hare-Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky;
  • Chicago O'Hare-John Glenn;
  • Chicago O'Hare-Des Moines;
  • Chicago O'Hare-Grand Rapids;
  • Chicago O'Hare-Greensboro;
  • Chicago O'Hare-Harrisburg;
  • Chicago O'Hare-Indianapolis;
  • Chicago O'Hare-Madison;
  • Chicago O'Hare-Will Rogers;
  • Chicago O'Hare-Richmond;
  • Chicago O'Hare-St Louis;
  • Chicago O'Hare-Tulsa.

United also plans to schedule the CRJ550 on additional services from hubs in Chicago, New York Newark and Washington Dulles in the coming weeks. [more - original PR]