United to unlock 'full potential' of network in 2018, targeting growth of up to 6% through 2020

24 January, 2018

United Airlines president Scott Kirby stated (23-Jan-2018) the carrier aims to unlock the "full potential" of its network in 2018 and beyond. United plans to increase its capacity 4% to 6% in 2018, with similar rates in 2019 and 2020, driving connectivity from Denver, Chicago and Houston. United will defend its market share in its international gateways, Mr Kirby said, and upgrade to larger aircraft. He noted United's international gateways have higher profit margins than its competitors, while its hubs in Chicago, Denver and Houston have profit margins are lower than its competitors' mid-continent hubs, as reported by Skift. Mr Kirby said: "More scale and more connectivity is what we have to drive at these hubs. A hub-and-spoke airline is really a manufacturing company. It is about manufacturing connections. The more connections you can drive to hubs, the higher profits you drive at that hub". [more - original PR]