US airlines appear to remain apart from 'Flight Shaming' movement

17 July, 2019

CAPA - Centre for Aviation, in a report entitled: 'US airlines and climate change; environment concern mounts - slowly', stated (16-Jul-2019) US airlines appear to be remaining apart from the 'Flight Shaming' movement which is spreading across Europe. France recently outlined plans for an 'eco' tax on outbound flights, while KLM introduced a "Fly Responsibly" campaign which asks passengers several questions, including whether face to face meetings are necessary and if the train could be taken instead. While Italy, France and Germany have high speed rail services, such a service in the US is essentially non existent. US airlines will feel pressure to become better environmental stewards as requests for climate change to be declared a national emergency increase and will need to answer a growing number of questions from individuals regarding aviation's impact on the climate and environment. [more - CAPA Analysis]