US Department of State affirms open skies framework with UAE, as well as 'level playing field'

14 May, 2018

US Department of State stated (14-May-2018) recent discussions were held with the UAE government on civil aviation, aimed at ensuring a level playing field in the global aviation sector while maintaining the open skies framework. The 11-May-2018 record of discussion affirmed the following:

  • Both governments' intention to promote best practices for marketplace participation by their airlines, which provide scheduled service under the 2002 air transport agreement. All rights and provisions remain in force;
  • Understanding of the possible adverse impact of government support on competition;
  • Understanding that "financial transparency" is best served through annual financial reports audited in accordance with internationally recognised accounting standards. Emirates and US airlines providing service under the agreement have "issued such reports for years", and Etihad Airways intends to do so once restructuring and reorganisation are complete. These airlines "should endeavour to take steps" to ensure material transactions with government-owned providers of goods and services of either country are based on commercial terms;
  • Both governments also intend to meet again within 2018/2019 to review progress. [more - original PR]