US DoT: ALPA again urges DoT to deny Puerto Rico request for exemption

18 August, 2019

US Department of Transportation (DoT) received (16-Aug-2019) a reply from Air Line Pilots Association International (ALPA) regarding Puerto Rico's request for extraordinary exemption relief. ALPA noted Puerto Rico's request is highly controversial and opposed by every US labour organisation and US carrier which has commented on the proceeding, adding Puerto Rico's best opportunity for regaining its former hub status is by improving its attractiveness to US carriers which can provide international and domestic service, rather than catering to foreign carriers. Additionally, ALPA stated Puerto Rico's request for flexibility already exists under open skies, adding it believes Puerto Rico's application is the first step in a campaign to obtain cabotage relief for foreign carrier hub operations at San Juan. ALPA urges the DoT to deny Puerto Rico's request for exemption authority. [more - original PR]