US DoT announces USD667m in infrastructure grants for US airports

11 June, 2018

US Department of Transportation (US DoT) announced (08-Jun-2018) plans to provide USD677 million in infrastructure grants to 214 airports across 43 states. The 241 grants will fund 346 infrastructure projects that include runways, taxiways, aprons, and terminals. These projects are important to the safety and efficiency of the nation's system of airports. Funding forms part of the US DoT's first allotment of the total USD3.2 billion for its airport improvement programme (AIP) for airports across the US. Funding highlights include:

  • Salt Lake City International Airport: USD16.3 million for apron reparation;
  • Denver International Airport: USD14.2 million for reparation of runways, taxiways, and runway and taxiway lighting;
  • Fayetteville Northwest Arkansas Regional Airport: USD13.6 million for taxiway reparation;
  • King Salmon Airport (Arkansas): USD12.8 million for reparation of the runway and taxiway;
  • Charlotte Douglas International (North Carolina): USD12.6 million for apron area expansion;
  • San Diego International Airport: USD12.1 million for taxiway reparation;
  • Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport: USD7.2 million for reconstruction of the airport apron;
  • Davenport Municipal Airport (Iowa): USD6.6 million for runway reparation;
  • Boston Logan International Airport: USD5.8 million for  taxiway reparation;
  • Chicago Rockford International Airport: USD3.1 million for expansion of the cargo facility;
  • HL Sonny Callahan Airport (Alabama): USD3 million for taxiway construction. [more - original PR]