US DoT: Breeze Aviation Group to launch scheduled service from Mar-2021

30 September, 2020

US Department of Transportation (DoT) received (28-Sep-2020) a notice from Breeze Aviation Group, informing the DoT of its plans to launch scheduled service on three routes from a southeastern US airport to four points in the northeast from Mar-2021, as well as from an airport farther south to four points in the northeast, southeast and the southern plains. Following the launch of these services, Breeze intends to increase its offer of service from the two initial airports to an additional airport in the southeastern US, with service to points in the midwest, southern plains and northeast. From Jul-2021, Breeze will launch service from a further airport in the southeast to points in the mid Atlantic, northeast and southern plains, while also increasing the number of destinations from its initial airports. Furthermore, the carrier will begin service from two additional southeastern airports primarily to the northeast from Oct-2021. The carrier estimates total pre-operating costs will amount to approximately USD57.5 million. [more - original PR]