US FAA concludes 'comprehensive and constructive' meeting on the Boeing 737 MAX

27 May, 2019

US FAA acting administrator Dan Elwell reported (23-May-2019) the meeting of international aviation regulators on the Boeing 737 MAX hosted by the agency was "both comprehensive and constructive" and covered the following topics:

  • How the FAA responded to the 737 MAX accidents and how it is supporting the two international accident investigations;
  • How the FAA plans to certify Boeing's MCAS changes and how it has been sharing information with regulators;
  • The latest status on the Technical Advisory Board (TAB) which is reviewing Boeing's maneuvering characteristics augmentation system (MCAS) software update and system safety assessment. The TAB is tasked with identifying any issues where further investigation is recommended before we approve the MCAS design change;
  • Details of the Boeing's proposed changes to the MAX – both to the flight control system and pilot training;
  • A review of the technical steps and sequence of events that we anticipate would be involved in ungrounding the MAX fleet in the US;
  • A discussion of international considerations for returning the MAX to service outside the US. [more - original PR]