US Senate 'very close' to passing USD2.2 trillion package: President

26 March, 2020

US President Donald Trump, in a press briefing, stated (25-Mar-2020) the "Democrats and Republicans in the Senate are very close to passing an Emergency Relief Bill for American workers, families and businesses", worth USD2.2 trillion (PBS NewsHour/BNN Bloomberg/The Hill/CBS News/CNBC, 25/26-Mar-2020). The bill will include more than USD500 billion in "support for the hardest hit industries", with a ban on corporate stock buybacks and "tough new limits" on executive compensation. He noted the government is "interested in the workers and the jobs...the companies", and wants the money to be used "on the companies and the planes or whatever they may be, helping to get over this rough patch". The bill will reportedly include USD29 billion in grants for airlines (passenger and cargo), USD29 billion in loans/loan guarantees, USD3 billion for contractors and USD10 billion for airports. [more - original PR]