US Travel Association: US domestic travel increases 3.2% in May-2019

11 July, 2019

US Travel Association reported (10-Jul-2019) travel to and within the US increased 3.2% year-on-year in May-2019, marking the 113th month of overall expansion. The Leading Travel Index (LTI) expects travel growth will soften during the six months to Nov-2019, with all travel segments expected to experience softer growth.

  • Domestic market: Domestic travel demand also increased 3.6%, helped by business and leisure travel segment growth, while growth during the next six months is expected to weaken to 2%, due to less consumer spending and business investment.
  • International market: International travel increased 1.2% in May-2019, with LTI expecting international travel growth to increase 0.4% through Nov-2019.

US Travel Association SVP for research David Huether stated: "Headwinds like the strong dollar and lingering trade tensions indicate sluggish growth for international inbound travel, but the much-needed work of the Brand USA destination marketing organisation has prevented a further constriction", adding political leaders "would be wise to act on policies that can help us thrive in spite of these challenging circumstances, such as Brand USA's long-term reauthorisation and the expansion of the Visa Waiver Program". [more - original PR]