VLM Airlines Brussels still operating, separates itself from insolvency of VLM Airlines

4 September, 2018

VLM Airlines Brussels stated it is not in liquidation and the insolvency of VLM Airlines is separate to its own operations (aviation24.be, 03-Sep-2018). VLM Airlines Brussels was acquired from VLM's parent company, SHS Aviation, by a Dutch investor in early 2018, as previously reported by CAPA. VLM Airlines Brussels is separate to any subsidiary of SHS Aviation and there is no mutual or joint interests between the two groups. VLM Airlines Brussels CEO Harm Prins said: "There will, therefore, be no impact whatsoever on the flights that VLM Airlines NV carries out daily from Brussels and Hannover with its Airbus A320 and A321... Of course, [VLM Airlines Brussels] regrets the discontinuation of the activities from Antwerp Airport by SHS Antwerp Aviation, and wishes staff of SHS Antwerp Aviation all the strength in this difficult situation". Mr Prins added: "At the moment there is no negotiation between VLM Airlines NV and its shareholders with the liquidators of SHS Antwerp Aviation to take over the activities of SHS Antwerp Aviation NV".