WA Government announces Nexus Airlines as new IRFN carrier

18 May, 2023

Western Australia's Government announced (17-May-2023) the launch of a new state carrier, Nexus Airlines, to expand the Inter-Regional Flight Network (IRFN). The new carrier is owned by Aviair and will provide more routes, upgraded services and cheaper airfares. Nexus Airlines will operate 76 seat aircraft on the expanded IRFN from 10-Jul-2023, operating between Geraldton-Karratha-Port Hedland-Broome along with other regional routes across Western Australia. The larger aircraft will accommodate more than eight times the capacity of Aviair's nine seat planes currently used on the existing IRFN. Nexus has also announced a new Geraldton-Perth service, for which customers will have access to government's Regional Airfare Zone Cap Scheme. In 2019, government granted Aviair a monopoly right to assist in the establishment of the IRFN service and has now committed AUD4.05 million (USD2.70 million) over four years until Jun-2027 to enhance the service and extend the network to Geraldton. Aviair currently has two Bombardier DHC 8Q-402NGs, according to the CAPA Fleet Database. [more - original PR]