Worldpay launches solution to optimise payments when EU's PSD2 regulations enter force

9 June, 2019

Worldpay announced (08-Jun-2019) it will launch the Exemption Engine for Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) for merchants operating in the European Economic Area (EEA) to reduce friction from the online checkout experience. The PSD2 requirement for Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) goes into effect on 14-Sep-2019, meaning only an acquirer can file exemptions with issuers on behalf of the merchant. Worldpay's Exemption Engine for SCA solution that employs machine learning to apply the most applicable SCA exemption to an individual payment. Exemption Engine for SCA works by reviewing eligible exemptions, such as a low-risk transaction, then performing a real-time risk assessment based on shopper, merchant, issuer and payments data – such as buying patterns, deep device fingerprinting, geolocation, issuer preferences, and anomaly detection-focused machine learning. Eligible transactions are then exempt from SCA and may continue onto the issuer for authorisation. [more - original PR]