“Flight Shaming” And Government Taxes. What Are The Implications For Corporate Travel?

27 November, 2019

In Europe the enormous publicity attracted by a sixteen year old Swedish girl has rattled the airline industry and is prompting government talk of aviation taxes to reduce flying.

  • Will our region go through the same turmoil? 
  • Will there be a similar, Europop revolution? 
  • How will governments respond? 
  • When will airlines make carbon offsets mandatory?

The answers to these questions will be critical to aviation and to how corporates function in the near and medium term future.

Session Provocateur: CAPA – Centre for Aviation, Chairman Emeritus, Peter Harbison

Moderator: CAPA – Centre for Aviation, Chairman Emeritus, Peter Harbison

  • ACCOR, Director of Sales Performance – Business Partners, Pacific, Elizabeth Georgopoulos
  • City of Sydney, Sustainability Engagement Coordinator, Kate Read
  • FCM Travel Solutions, Director Global Sales & Strategic University Partnerships, Jamison Warren
  • AI & Bot Strategist, Customer Experience Futurist & Entrepreneur, Catriona Wallace